Oh, oh viruses are upon us

Cold, cough and flu season is on and experts say it will be extremely contagious this year. One question to ask is whether we are ready to face these running viruses. As we often hear in our popular jargon: prevention is better than cure! This is why we present to you several natural solutions that can prevent and also reduce the negative effects of the flu. Here are a few examples:

  • The Oregano Oil : This oil has antiviral and antifungal properties which will reduce the spread of bacteria or viruses. It is considered to be nature's most powerful antibacterial.


  • The Echinacea : The use of this flower is not new and its virtues are exploited in several natural medicines. Its main purifying function helps reduce cough and flu symptoms. Echinacea helps reduce a runny nose, congestion, sore throat, headache, weakness or chills.


  • The Black elderberry : This berry has been proven to be a very effective fruit in curbing the harmful symptoms of colds, coughs and flu. Indeed, it quickly improves the state of health of a person affected by these viruses. The black elderberry is also used in prevention in order to slow down the contraction of the virus.


  • The Astragalus root : This root, which is used mainly in traditional Chinese medicine, serves as a shield against infections. It prevents the weakening of a sick person and protects against infections. Astragalus therefore helps our immune system to be more resistant to winter viruses.


Cold and flu viruses can be avoided naturally, you just need to prevent them by helping your immune system fight bacteria. How? You just have to take your daily intake of vitamins and products that strengthen the immune system. If the virus is ever caught, there are natural and effective ways to quickly reduce the symptoms.

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