Valentine's Day, A moment of well-being spent alone or in pairs

Valentine's Day is not just a time to have fun, go out and eat chocolates. This holiday can also be a great opportunity to celebrate love in a broader sense. Love for yourself and for your loved ones. What if this time you celebrate February 14th differently? What if you surfed this time on a wave of well-being? Whether you are alone or accompanied, here are some ideas to make this day more memorable and relaxing than the others:

1) Aromatherapy: an infinite journey of the senses

Did you know that aromatherapy has many benefits? Several essential oils have properties that can bring a certain mental balance.

Some even have aphrodisiac properties like Ylang-Ylang.

The essential oil of Lavender has a strong power of relaxation and allows to reduce the stress.

How to benefit from it?

5 drops of these essential oils in these diffusers will give you a feeling of well-being.

2) A bath with coarse salt from the dead sea accompanied by a good playlist.

Choose music that brings back good memories and that you would enjoy listening to again. Why not play Barry White's classics to add some groove to your bath!

What could be better than a relaxing bath to recall sweet memories, in a subdued light that could offer you 2 or 3 candles?

Opt for an aromatherapy bath tea with coarse dead sea salt and dried flowers to regenerate your skin cells.

Choose candles with light and subtle scents to relax you even more.

3) Treat yourself or your partner to the essentials...

With healthy and natural gifts that are good for your health.

It's a good thing, well-being is our specialty and we have our little idea.

  • Essential oil boxes: to offer yourself relaxing, energizing or relaxing moments.
  • Aromatherapy bracelets : to feel the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you are
  • Body oils: to enjoy essential oils through the skin or to concoct natural body care products
  • Body creams and lotions: to moisturize the skin and protect it from the cold.

A little attention is always nice. Above all, don't forget the most important thing: tell everyone you care about how much you love them. Because you only live once!

So why not send a letter, a message, an email to say I love you right now?

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