Autumn tea

The temperature begins to cool, the trees begin to change colors for yellow, orange and red and the leaves are increasingly found on the ground. These are signs that autumn has arrived and that says autumn, says hot and comforting drink! This change of season just makes us want to wrap ourselves in a blanket and drink a hot drink in front of a movie. So why not pair a drink that tastes good with incredible benefits on our immune system? So here's our fall tea recipe:

Infuse tea bags in 500 ml of hot water for 3 to 4 minutes. Immunithé tea contains plants selected and recognized for their beneficial effects on the immune system.

Then add a teaspoon of royal jelly to the honey. Royal jelly is a sought-after general replenishment, which is used to quickly restore energy, vitality and vigour in people who are tired, exhausted or convalescent. Royal jelly is particularly rich in highly invigorating active ingredients, antioxidants and other essential nutrients.

Pour into your favourite cup and stir with a cinnamon stick to enhance the taste.

Enjoy this wonderful season and take care of your immune system with the help of Naturist!

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