Digestive disorders: these tips that saved me

As far back as I can remember, I have been prone to digestive problems. Digestion was difficult, I suffered from various symptoms that were not pleasant. Feelings of heaviness and bloating during meals only got worse, as after dinner, I was bothered by acid reflux and heartburn. Not to mention family meals and end-of-year dinners, which usually meant overindulging... This often ended in vomiting.

At first, I minimized these symptoms, telling myself that it wasn't that bad and that it would eventually go away. But it had an impact on many other aspects of my life: my mood, my sleep, my relationships...

And then one day, I said stop! I couldn't live with it anymore. It had to change.

That's when I researched digestive system disorders. I did a lot of research, read a lot about it, and then most importantly, I tried many things. Some worked, some didn't. Each intestine is different and the management of digestive disorders is multimodal, so what worked for Robert, 60, who shared his experience with functional digestive disorders on a forum, wasn't the key for everyone. And even less for me.

With time, patience, failures, I finally managed to find a balance and not be impacted by my digestive problems.

I decided to share with you what worked for me.


Fruits et légumes


First of all, I learned to recognize the foods that were not suitable for me.

that I didn't like. Yes, some foods can cause digestive problems. This is particularly true of foods rich in fat, which take longer to digest. It is better to choose foods rich in fiber, such as legumes, fruits and vegetables and whole wheat bread.

For my part, I have significantly reduced my consumption of cold cuts and dairy products. I have also started to eat at regular times, in a calm and relaxed manner. This is advice often given by professionals and for me it has really changed EVERYTHING!


It is important to stay well hydrated. Indeed, good hydration allows for good transit. Water will help break down food in the digestive tract and reduce the risk of constipation. 

This also avoids cravings that push us to eat and then cause digestive problems.This was not easy because, I admit, I drank very little. But I changed my habits little by little. My new morning routine: drink a large glass of warm water. Perfect for better digesting my breakfast and eliminating fats.


I was advised to engage in physical activity, telling me that it would have beneficial effects on my digestive health. Not being a fan of sports, it was complicated. I couldn't find any sport that I liked and that I could stick to in the long run.

Until I discovered the Stomach vaccuum, also known as "false chest breathing". Often presented as the perfect exercise to obtain a flat stomach, without effort or pain, it goes much further. The stomach vacuum has a thousand and one benefits.

stomach vaccuum

First of all, and this is what pushed me to try it, this exercise acts as a self-massage of the abdomen. Ideal to promote digestion.

It is also recommended to practice it for the rehabilitation of the perineum and for people suffering from back pain, because it allows to improve the posture by strengthening the lumbar vertebrae.


My last big change in my digestive health was to turn to natural products. They really helped me: the changes were visible after a few days of use. Today, I am a strong advocate of these products and I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Are you interested too? Here is the list of products from the Naturiste detox and digestive system range that I use:

Based on concentrated extracts of three specific medicinal plants, namely Boldo, Artichoke and Dandelion, Phytobil is a digestive and depurative formula. I use it daily, with my meals. It unblocks the liver in order to produce the enzymes necessary for digestion

    Milk Thistle is like my liver protector. It will ensure its good health. It optimizes secretion and prevents digestive discomfort that could be related to biliary disorders. It acts as a filter and feeds on bad toxins.

      Multi-Enzyme contains betaine plus 9 digestive enzymes. It is the product that ensures a good decomposition and absorption of food.

        Activated charcoal allows me to relieve my pain caused by gas from fermentation in the digestive tract. It also facilitates transit.

        I hope that my advice will be useful to you as well. I know that it is complicated to live with digestive problems and that is why I stress the importance of not neglecting them.

        If your problems persist, it is advisable to be followed by a health professional.

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