Simple tips for a successful Valentine's Day

Essential oils are recognized for their benefits and we present here its many facets for a guaranteed sweet moment. Have you already created your combination of massage oils and personalized bath oils? We present 3 different recipes to try with your partner to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. But please, dare to make your own mixtures to personalize your moments of pleasure and well-being: :

Romantic massage :

This sensual blend is sure to warm the atmosphere..


Apply this mixture wherever your heart desires! This aphrodisiac can also be used as an emollient in a good hot bath. Add some California sea salt to soften the bath water and serve with a teahé Energiform Naturist. You can also diffuse this blend of essential oils using a diffuser to make the atmosphere even more electric.

Relaxing and soothing massage :

This combination will guarantee you instant relaxation to forget about the hassles of everyday life and focus on the present moment with those you love.


Massage on the area of your feet and shoulders. Again, add two tablespoons of this mixture to your bath to recreate the atmosphere of the Turkish bath at the spa. The almond oil will penetrate the skin and the smell of the mixture will help you relax. We add ae un anti-stress tea and here we are in relaxation paradise.

Naturiste wishes you a fabulous Valentine's Day and above all, with or without a lover, remember that you deserve a very nice treat. Treat yourself!!

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