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When Nature and Performance are one.

Crème pour le Visage


Thanks to its unique composition of water, and a blend of precious Jojoba, Argan and Vitamin E oils, this moisturizer contains twice as much oil as most popular creams, offering better compatibility with the skin’s lipid barrier.

Our cream is excellent for both day and night, and could be used just as effectively as a hand cream for those who wash their hands frequently. The moisturizer is suitable for all skin types, but particularly for dry to very dry skin.


A true delight for the skin, this cleansing balm is made from precious Jojoba oil and macerated oils.

Made for dry to very dry skin, the balm will both hydrate and cleanse the skin. At the rinsing stage, the balm will transform into a moisturizing milk, for ultimate hydration. The wooded-citrus aroma, coated with honey, will envelope the skin with a fresh veil, without leaving an oily finish.

Baume Nettoyant
Baume Exfoliant


This powerful botanical blend of Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba oil, with a natural wooded-citrus fragrance, will gently release impurities and leave your skin feeling softer and more hydrated.

Composed of sugar crystals that melt in contact with water, this water-soluble solution will exfoliate your skin without having an impact on the environment.  


A true beauty ally, this dry oil is a sensory delight, with 100% natural fragrances. . Its foundation of Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba vegetable oils allows the transport of bioactive molecules within the epidermis and allows for deep penetration, all without leaving a greasy finish.

Its oil fractionation technology gives superior hydration, keeping your skin soft and silky. 

Serum Visage