The 5 Naturiste products you need for hiking

Summer, synonymous for adventure and outdoors!

We've all been cooped up for so long, so take advantage of every chance you get to enjoy the outdoors and explore! There are beautiful hiking trails all around us, across our gorgeous province. Mountain views, forest walks, waterfalls, whatever you like, you can find!

But, the beauty of hiking doesn't come easy. It can go wrong at any moment if you're not well prepared. Let's dive in to the must-have products you need in your backpack when going on a hike.

The essentiels

Packing the “Ten Essentials” whenever you step into the backcountry, even on day hikes, is a good habit. True, on a routine trip you may use only a few of them or none at all. It’s when something goes awry that you’ll truly appreciate the value of carrying these items that could be essential to your survival.

The original Ten Essentials list was assembled in the 1930s by The Mountaineers, a Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoor adventurers, to help people be prepared for emergency situations in the outdoors. The list includes a map, compass, sunglasses and sunscreen, extra clothing, headlamp/flashlight, first-aid supplies, fire starter, matches, knife and extra food.

Of course, the list is general and it's important to pack based on where you're going hiking and for how long.

The must-have Naturiste products

Overall, these products will be handy in many different situations, no matter where you're hiking. Here are the essential Naturiste products you need in your hiking backpack!

Electro Choc

Staying hydrated on a hike is probably the most important thing. Of course, it's hard to carry the large amount of water you need to stay hydrated all day long. Which is why drinking electrolyte-filled water is a must! You can carry less water but, mixed with Naturiste Electro Choc, it will provide you with all the energy and hydration you need to get to that beautiful spot you're searching for!

Vitamin E Oil

On top of carrying sunscreen (and re-applying it often!), you can mix Naturiste Vitamine E oil to your favorite sunscreen to keep your skin hydrated. Apply the mixture before being exposed to the sun for less red, dry, or swollen skin. It will add an extra level of protection to your skin from the suns strong UV rays.

Essential oils

Many essential oils have tons of varying health properties. These versatile essential oils are useful in many situations: sunburns, stings, cuts, allergies, headaches, heat rash, congestion, fungal infections, etc. Keep reading to find out more about which essential oils to use in different situations and how!

LAVENDER essential oil

For sunburns, burns, stings, or bites

If you forgot to re-apply sunscreen, or a strange bug managed to get a chunk out of you, simply apply a few drops of essential oil into the affected area a couple times per day for relief.

For cuts, scrapes, or blisters

Small injuries like these can happen quickly and frequently when hiking. Simply apply 1 drop of lavender oil directly to the area to disinfect, provide pain relief, and heal quickly.

For sleeping aid

If you're spending a night out in the stars and can't fall asleep, apply 2 drops to the bottom of feet and/or inhale the scent to benefit from its calming properties.

For deodorant

Out in the wilderness and a little sweaty? No problem! Rub a few drops in the armpits to clean and leave a fresh scent!

For allergies

The allergenic plants and trees are endless in the forest! If you're feeling the allergies get to you, apply a few drops of essential oil to the back of the neck, chest and forehead for some quick relief.

PEPPERMINT essential oil

For headaches or a pickme up

Tired, woozy, overheating, lacking energy? Apply a few drops on your temples, back of neck, sinuses, bottom of feet and/or chest for some relief and energy.

For ticks

Although it reminds most of us humans of Christmas and happy times, bugs and ticks HATE the scent of peppermint. Simply smother them with it and they will flee!

For joint or muscle pain

Hiking requires lots of physical and mental energy. While you might be motivated to keep going, your body and joints might be telling you differently. If your muscles are feeling tired and heavy, rub a couple of drops to the hurting area for some pain relief.

For congestion

Whether you get congested from allergies or altitude changes, you can apply a few drops to your sinuses for some relief.

TEA TREE essential oil

For canker, cold sores, acne

Apply a small amount directly to the affected area.

For skin splits, cuts, and blisters

Apply to the affected area to disinfect and heal

For fungal or bacterial infections and athlete’s foot

Apply topically to the affected area multiple times (every few hours) to clear the infection.

For flu or cold

Feeling the symptoms of an incoming flu or cold? Get ahead of it by rubbing 2 drops on the bottom of feet 3 times per day.

For rashes (heat rash, chafing)

Layer on both Lavender and Tea Tree oils to the affected area for relief and quick healing.

And, there you have it! The 5 Naturiste products that are essential to carry on a hike : Electro Choc, Vitamin E oil, and Lavender, Peppermint and TeaTree essential oils!

Lastly, read our most recent blog article to find out how to make your very own, homemade, natural insect repellent spray with Naturiste products, another essential to have while hiking!

Enjoy the exploring and stay safe!

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