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Do you know aromatherapy?

Although mainly known for the diffusion of room fragrances, aromatherapy is an approach to therapeutic care through the essence of plants.

The essence is extracted from the plant to make "essential oil" (which contains no oil or fat, but rather a concentrate of plant extracts).

Alone or mixed, essential oils each have their own properties and uses. Each of them is a unique combination of elements that interact directly with the chemistry of the human body, and have effects on our organs and senses.

Oils can be used as decongestants or anti-infectives to fight many ailments, coughs, sinusitis and respiratory tract problems, or as antiseptics against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi; they have the property of triggering sensations, sometimes relaxing or sometimes stimulating at the psychological level, to promote relaxation, counter fatigue, insomnia and anxiety.

Essential oils are obviously very popular for their home fragrance. They interact with your environment by purifying, sanitizing and deodorizing the ambient air. Completely natural, they surround you with comforting, warm fragrances and let you enjoy all their benefits!

Depending on their specifications, certain oils can be ingested, applied to the skin or diffused into the ambient air to be absorbed through the respiratory tract.

The essential oil is always diluted to another body regardless of its use. For example, when it is diffused into the air using a nebulizer, it is added to water, or it is easily diluted in skin care creams for massage and hydration.

However, since aromatherapy is a specialty, it is recommended that you consult an aromatherapist or a book on the subject before use.

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