Naturiste Astrological Survival Kit: Scorpio

Scorpios, it's your time to shine!

In November, we watch the leaves fall from the trees and see the animals begin their hibernation in anticipation of spring. Throughout the dark winter, Scorpios feel compelled to search within, before redefining their identity and being reborn in Spring. Their focus is all about 'death and rebirth,' going deep inward, and awaiting regeneration. A Scorpio will often travel to rock bottom in order to metamorphose into this new and stronger being, reaching down to the depths of their existence in order to find the strength to survive. What drives the earth, rebirth, regeneration, and reinvention, is what drives the Scorpio.

It was thus a clear choice to include our Reborn Synergie, in the Scorpio's essential kit !

Scorpios usually achieve what they want, even though once they have achieved it, they often have little interest in continuing to pursue it. Their determined minds support a strong survival instinct and they know exactly what will satisfy them at the time. Scorpios often find pleasure in sex, another of Pluto's gifts. Scorpios have a strong sense of sensuality and enjoy exploring pleasure with all their senses, although it is a challenge for them to ground the experience rather than go into sexual overdrive. Instead of surrendering to the purely physical eroticism of sex, they need to find a way to accept their vulnerability and open their hearts. Rose, ylang ylang, mint, geranium, rosewood, and lavender support and ground sexual awareness and sensual pleasure, and therefore resonate with the Scorpion frequency. As water signs, those born in Scorpio will enjoy baths in a sensual and salubrious setting. Adding essential oils to the bath water or to massage oils and body creams can inspire Scorpios to experience ecstatic bliss. Their happy place is a candle lit bathroom, warm scented water, delicate music, and delicious wine or chocolate.

Which is why we've included the Relaxation Bath Tea, made with sea salt and rose, to calm the Scorpio's overactive mind.

Scorpios can be fiercely loyal friends. Whatever a Scorpio does, whether good or bad, is intense - and passionate. The Scorpio never forgets a great kindness done to them, but they never forget an injury, either. 

A Scorpio can be possessive, jealous, obsessive, manipulative, and controlling. They are often determined to have their way no matter the cost. Anyone who crosses their defensive, destructive side will be annihilated. The following oils can soften the scorpion's vindictive and cruel nature: lemongrass, clary sage, lavender, cypress, vetiver, rose, geranium, hibiscus, marjoram, and chamomile. Diffusing essential oils in a room where the Scorpio is venting can change the atmosphere and vibration of the angry climate. After the anger, Scorpios are prone to feelings of guilt, because, in truth, they regret their destructive tendancies. It is often helpful to use jasmine, rose, clary sage, nutmeg, juniper, lemon, pine, and cypress to alleviate feelings of guilt.

Along with the essential oils, we also included Tisane Lemon Chill for the Scorpio's comfort. It contains Lemongrass herb, apple, hibiscus, and more ingredients that appeal to the Scorpio during times of anger and guilt. .

Scorpios are passionate, powerful, and determined, which makes them excellent friends. You never quite know what they are thinking until you ask, and then you are left in awe with their direct and honest answers. Regardless of whether they love you or hate you, they are doing it with all of their soul. You should avoid their stinging tails and know that your journey with a Scorpio will be deep, dark, and powerful

Scorpios, you can use this set to recharge and come back more powerful than ever!

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