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CLA 1500


Turns fat into energy.

Measured at 1500mg our CLA will help you fight your fat mass and will preserve your lean and muscle mass. It will help reduce abdominal fat. Our product contains no stimulants or preservatives. Its effects will be visible with reduced calorie intake as well as regular physical activity.


  • Mega-dose formula for faster results.
  • Patented product that has been the subject of numerous clinical studies.
  • From entirely natural sources.
  • Fast-dissolving capsules.
  • Without stimulant, without ephedrine.
  • Without sugar, lactose, gluten or sodium.
  • No artificial flavor or sweetener.


  • Transformation of body fat


Take 3 to 4 capsules once a day, with meals

CLA 1500


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Michelle J.
CLA Success

Love this product! Combined with a Keto Diet I have had great success in the fat busting!

CLA 1500

Jadore le produit , je voit déjà une bonne différence au niveau du ventre depuis 2mois !