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Whether it is for a moment of relaxation, recognition, introspection, inspiration or for a need of energy or joy, this box will accompany you in your different states of mind.

Contains 5 synergies of 100% natural essential oils : Harmony, Happiness, Tranquility, Gratitude and Yoga

Harmony Synergy

A synergy of essential oils with harmonious notes that promote perfect harmony between your thoughts, feelings and most sincere wishes. It will bring you the necessary balance to ensure a constant feeling of well-being. Its fruity aromas will awaken your senses while letting you benefit from the virtues of aromatherapy.

Happiness Synergy

Our Happiness Synergy is composed of invigorating and stimulating essential oils that will give you a warm feeling of inner peace and boundless joy. It will give you the satisfaction of having reached your aspirations and desires which will actively contribute to your happiness.

Synergy Tranquillity

Our essential oil Tranquillity is a synergy of oils that will take you to a healthy and restful state of mind and will bring you peace and serenity. Its fruity notes will spread a comforting and soothing aroma. To manage the stress of everyday life or simply to help you rest, it will be your best ally.

Gratitude Synergy

Our Gratitude synergy invites you to pause and contemplate the present moment in order to gather the perfect feeling of gratitude so hoped for. In diffusion, its spicy and fruity notes will bring a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Yoga Synergy

Yoga is a synergy of essential oils that allows you to breathe in positivism and exhale negativism. It will give you peace of mind encouraging your journey towards self enlightenment. Your body will gain vitality from its floral and spicy aromas.

Advantages :

  • 100% natural, undiluted.
  • No alcohol, no additives.

Caution : For external use only.

Format : 10ML

Product Code : 74338