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Liquid formula for rapid absorption and action.

Collagen 5000 is formulated from a molecular complex of collagen hydrolyzate, dosed at 5000 mg per serving. Collagen is the glue of life without which we would be deformed. Collagen is essential for all connective tissues in the body (cartilage, tendons, ligaments, etc.), skin, nails and hair. It allows them to maintain their integrity and to perform their specific functions efficiently. The body's production of collagen tends to decrease with age, and our joints often suffer. Collagen 5000 is specially designed to adequately meet the body's collagen needs, providing the basic materials essential for its structure.


High collagen content

One dose per day is sufficient

Liquid formula for rapid absorption and action

Natural lemon-lime flavor

Sweetened with Stevia

No added sugar, coloring or parabens


Provides amino acids

Synthesizes proteins

Form of collagen

Helps maintain good joint health


Adult (oral): Take one tablespoon per day