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Natural Factors


The coenzyme Q10 is a fuel for your life.

CoQ10 is a natural vitamin-like compound produced by your body and found in almost every cell. It is a major player in the electron transport chain, an original name for the process used by your body to create energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This process generates about 95% of the cellular energy your body needs. CoQ10 is therefore important. With healthy energy levels, it is easier to maintain an active and fit lifestyle. CoQ10 supports a wide range of important body processes, including cardiovascular function, brain and nervous system health, immune system function, healthy aging, etc.


  • CoQ10 and omega-3 fish oils have both demonstrated their support for cardiovascular health.
  • CoQ10 helps support cardiovascular health through its vital role in energy production and its role as a free radical fighter.
  • Omega-3 fish oils work by helping to maintain healthy heart function and promoting a balanced function of the immune system.
  • This product combines two complementary cardiovascular support ingredients into a convenient capsule.


  • Antioxidants and essential fatty acids contribute to good health and heart health


  • Adult: Take a capsule once or twice a day with meals