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Fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal and culinary plants in human history. In addition to its digestive properties, it is said to have the power to fight infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract, to promote lactation, to treat skin wounds and rheumatic pain. Some components of Fenugreek seeds can help normalize blood sugar levels, particularly 4-hydroxy-isoleucine, an amino acid specific to Fenugreek. This substance, appreciated by sportsmen and athletes, contributes to the production of insulin.

Recommended uses

Used in herbal medicine as a tonic to stimulate appetite and aid digestion;

Used in herbal medicine to stimulate the intestine;

Used in herbal medicine to relieve chronic intestinal disorders;

Used in herbal medicine as a mild laxative;

Used in phytotherapy to treat dyspepsia and to treat gastritis.

Recommended dose: Adult (oral): 2 capsules, three times daily. Best taken with food.

Format: 100 capsules.

Duration of use: Consult a health care practitioner for prolonged use.

Do not use if you have diabetes and are on hypoglycemic therapy, if you are on hormonal therapy, if you are on anticoagulant therapy, if you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors or any other medication. Consult your health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.

This product is approved by Health Canada and its license number is 80004318.