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Help improve physical and mental health.

Exclusive in naturite: gintonik is a complete recipe of tonal ingredients that will help you increase your energy every day and increase your physical and mental stress and fatigue. Through the liquid formula, you will get the rapid effect and absorption of Asian and Siberian ginseng because of their stimulating function. You will get complete results in order to better form and help keep your cognitive function more focused. You will also find some Chinese fungi, which will help you strengthen your immunity, prevent and prevent infectious diseases.


Advanced special formula

Portable light bulb for rapid absorption and action

No dyes or preservatives

No alcohol, no sugar, no glutamic acid or dairy products

Natural lemon flavor


Help improve physical and mental abilities and performance

Helps improve energy and crush strength

Supporting the immune system



adult 1-2 ampoules per day with a small amount of water or juice. To avoid indigestion, eat at the table.