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Natural source of energy and essential fatty acids.

Coconut oil is distinguished from other fats saturated by its high content of medium-chain essential fatty acids or TCM. These substances accelerate metabolism and are rapidly converted to energy, which can lead to the elimination of unnecessary kilos. In the kitchen, coconut oil is beneficial to health. It is a perfect substitute for margarine or can be used to cook food. It does not increase cholesterol in the blood. This vegetable oil also appears to be better tolerated by diabetics than other table oils. In external, coconut oil is used for drying the skin, to fight against its roughness or to treat areas affected by eczema, to strengthen the scalp and to remove dandruff, etc.


High quality coconut product, certified organic

Carefully selected for its purity and freshness

Internal and external use

No artificial color

Without sugar, without milk, lactose, soy, fishless

Without a preservative, without starch

Gluten-free, wheat-free, yeast

No Sodium


Natural Source of Energy and Essential Fatty Acids

Can be used as a substitute for other oils, including butter

Used in the kitchen, pastry as an emulsifier or in smoothies

Diabetics tolerate this oil better than any other

In external use, it helps to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness

Helps soften the rough skin and areas affected by eczema

Help to eliminate dead skin

Before the shampoo, she removes the scalp from the films

Reinforces hair and gives them luster


Adult. Dosage (oral): 1 or more tablespoons per day.