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Super omega-3

Omega-3s are known to help maintain good cardiovascular health, promote brain function, cognitive health and reduce triglycerides in the blood. One serving of Super Omega-3 liquid provides 1380 mg of active omega-3, or 830 mg of EPA and 550 mg of DHA, from 4620 mg of fish oils (anchovies, sardines and mackerel). Our fish oils are selected Ester Omega™, i.e. high quality, obtained by molecular distillation, free of mercury. PCBs and other contaminants.

  • Help for cognitive health and brain function
  • Contributes to brain, eye and nerve development in children and adolescents


A formula that helps relax the brain which improves lack of attention, reduces mental stress, generates a calming effect by increasing brain activity, alleviates stress, anxiety and anxiety, improves learning, attention and concentration, allows both relaxation and mental alertness, improves the ability to learn and remember. Cervalin helps to provide a noticeable "relaxation" effect, an improvement in the quality of sleep to relieve the feeling of fatigue especially in the most anxious people. A feeling of general well-being.

  • Calm and relaxes the brain naturally
  • Helps temporarily encourage relaxation