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RAPHA 2000


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Relieves digestive and liver disorders.

Rapha 2000 is an exclusive formula for digestive comfort, composed of three medicinal plants (organic black radish, artichoke and dandelion juice) exerting a beneficial action on the digestive functions, the liver and the gallbladder.


Exclusive formula of superior quality

Without alcohol, sorbitol, or added sugar

No preservatives, no coloring

Gluten free, dairy free


Relieves digestive disorders

Increases the flow of bile


  • Adult and teenager (12+). Dosage (oral): 1 ampoule per day. Mix in half a glass of water or fruit juice.
  • For flushing of the urinary tract, in order to ensure an increase in the amount of urine, sufficient fluid intake is necessary during treatment.

RAPHA 2000