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Vergers Pierre Gingras


Cold pressed apple cider vinegar.

The cider vinegar of the Orchard Pierre Gingras is a real vinegar of artisanal manufacture. Only healthy apples are included in the composition of this cider vinegar. After having fermented several months in barrels of oak with "mother-vinegar," it is withdrawn according to a French method. This traditional process, called old-fashioned, gives us a real cider vinegar that preserves all its aroma, colour and nutritional values, making it a unique product in Canada. On the other hand, the great richness of this vinegar lies in its therapeutic properties and this is what makes it a source of choice in a healthy diet and in external use.

  • Craft manufacture.
  • Slow and natural fermentation in oak barrels.
  • 100% natural, unpasteurized.
  • No preservative or additive.
  • Contributes to the healthy functioning of the digestive system by increasing its enzymes, destroying harmful bacteria and absorbing too much acid from the stomach.
  • Helps reduce limestone deposits and promotes their disposal.
  • Combined with a diet, helps eliminate excess fat in the cells.
  • Helps fight nervosism and promotes sleep.
  • In gargarianism, relieves sore throat and cold.
  • In external use, it relieves itching of the skin, horns and fungi on the feet, muscle pains and splits.