Adaptogens: How do these powerful plants really work ?


Have you ever felt out of balance, unmotivated, or just plain drained? Not 100%?

The last year has been like that for most of us, most of the time! A world of uncertainty, an endless to-do list, and our own expectations make it hard to stay on top of things, let alone feel relaxed and rested.

Many of us have a hard time when September comes around. Reentering the routine, saying goodbye to the summer and its fond memories, returning to reality... Stress from the seemingly endless back-to-school season affects children, young adults, parents, and teachers, not to mention the upcoming fall with its cooler weather, and especially the uncertainty of this worldwide pandemic. Of course, the list goes on and on. Everyone experiences some form of stress on a daily basis, and it can take many forms. 

Did you know that your body and mind can be prepared for coping with life's stresses? Adaptogens do just that! Let's take a closer look at this particular category of herbs and see how they can benefit you.

There are many claims floating around these days about adaptogens and their benefits.

We're seeing new potions and elixirs launching left and right, adaptogenic lattes appearing on every trendiest menu, and Instagram celebrities posting their favorite tonics. How do we know what to believe? Here's the truth!

The term 'adaptogen' refers to plants, herbs, and mushrooms that assist our body in adapting or adjusting to life's challenges. When stressed, a body's system can begin overworking or malfunctioning. Chronic stress can worsen our health if we are unable to adapt to or manage it. Adaptogens help us to feel better by re-balancing the body in whatever way it needs.

To be considered adaptogens, these herbs must meet the following criteria:

It must be safe for general consumption and non-toxic to the body's normal physiological functions.

They must have a positive health impact

They must help your body fight the effects of stress, both mental and physical, and help you regain a natural state of balance.

Given the current popularity of adaptogens, one would think these plant wonders are new to health and wellness.

On the contrary! Adaptogens have been used for centuries, just like chia seeds, quinoa and green tea. Medicine from the East, and in particular the Ayurvedic tradition, has a rich history of using adaptogenic plants for healing purposes.

A powerful adaptogen promotes homeostasis by supporting the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

Often referred to as the body's "stress system," the HPA axis controls stress hormones such as cortisol along with the entire nervous system.

Adaptogens: why are they necessary? In short: because we are stressed.
Our bodies are damaged by constant stress, which makes our adrenal glands work overtime. By creating an internal balance, adaptogens support the adrenals and support the body's ability to cope with stress. By regulating hormones, they support the immune system, promote healthy weight, have antidepressant benefits, and protect neurons from damage.

As their name implies, adaptogens are natural products that can adapt to your body and give it what it needs to regain balance, and therefore better manage the stresses of life. Because, as we all know, a balanced body is a happy body!

Wondering which adaptogen is best for you? 

Naturiste's Adaptogens:


The Ginseng is a natural energy source. Ginseng3 with Royal Jelly, the new name for "Special Tonic Formula Ginseng Complex", combines 3 different ginsengs: red or panax, American and eleuthero called Siberian ginseng.

Ginseng is a sought-after adaptogen, universally recognized and long used. Ginseng3 is the perfect formula for toning, fighting fatigue, and depression. It will help you better manage the ups and downs of life today.


Roset orphan (Rhodiola) is a medicinal herb that helps the body adapt to stressful conditions on a daily basis. It helps increase endorphins that promote positive mood and pain reduction. It helps reduce tension, anxiety and mental fatigue related to stress. Its health root acts selectively, promoting the neurological mechanisms that deal with stress, thus providing increased resistance to the adverse influences of hectic life. It also helps improve focus, cognitive function, physical performance and fertility.


The ashwagandha is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a Rasayana (regenerative tonic) to alleviate general asthenia, most notably during times of convalescence or in the case of the elderly. It is also used to promote sleep, balance aggravated Vata (nerve tonic, sedative) and improve memory. Ashwagandha is also used in cases of arthritis, anxiety and insomnia. A general tonic and adaptogen, it increases resistance to environmental stress.


Gintonik is a proprietary blend of premium ingredients, which help to increase physical and mental capacity. Energy is increased as is resistance to stress. Gintonik is an important support for the immune system. This formula of choice, promotes physical and mental vigor and provides support to fight against the stress of everyday life. It contains 2 types of Siberian and Asian Ginseng, as well as Reishi, an active ingredient known to promote increased immune resistance, disease prevention and control of infectious agents. It also promotes increased resistance to colds and flu and provides a strong immune system in all seasons.

Ginkgo Circul

Ginkgo Circul is a synergy of revitalizing botanicals (normalized Ginkgo Biloba, panax ginseng and green tea), selected to help increase energy, alertness and sharpness, support memory and concentration, and promote good peripheral blood flow. It helps improve cognitive and brain function.

Whatever stress life has thrown at you, feel equipped and empowered to deal with it, with the help of one of these powerful adaptogenic herbs to support you.


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