New healthy habits for the new year!

Ensure your health is a priority this year by establishing good habits.

1. Maintain a healthy immune system

Maintaining your health involves supporting your immune system so that it can continue protecting you. By eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep, you can keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Taking immune-supporting supplements, such as vitamin D or D3 and vitamin C, is an easy way to boost your immune system.

A tip for sticking to your immune-support goals: Place your Vitamins in a place you'll see them every morning, such as next to your coffee or toothbrush!


2. Support your digestive system

Bloating and sluggish feelings are common after a large meal and can be related to poor digestion. Fiber-rich foods such as beans, avocados, or whole grains can support digestive health. When you take a probiotic, such as Naturi Probio-10 or Naturi Probio-50, your gut flora will be temporarily modified and the health of your gastrointestinal system will be supported.

Keep your digestive health goals on track by creating a weekly meal plan that intentionally includes fiber-rich foods. Remember to take your probiotics by adding a reminder to your phone!


3. Eat the rainbow! and fill up on vitamins

During the winter months, it can be particularly challenging to consume enough fruits and vegetables. Despite this, fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and nutrients essential to your health.

Nutrients that are essential to the body are those that it cannot produce on its own and must obtain from food or supplements. Vitamin C, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids are among the essential vitamins and minerals.

If you are concerned about nutritional gaps in your diet, a multivitamin may be the solution. Taking Naturiste Multivitamins, will ensure you are getting the vitamins you need to be at your healthiest!


4. Stay active

Exercise is beneficial to your health on all levels - both mental and physical. Exercise doesn't have to be extremely intense to show results. Moderate exercise, even a few times a week, can benefit your health, and the endorphins your brain releases during a workout can help improve your mood.

You can try different exercises, such as running, swimming, or yoga, to find out what suits your lifestyle and interests. Don't forget to support your joints, bones, and muscles while you work out as well. Stretch before and after your workout, eat anti-inflammatory foods, or take joint-supporting supplements. We recommend Naturiste Supra Collagen !


5. Get better sleep

Sleep is often the first thing to suffer when life becomes hectic. The lack of sleep can affect many aspects of your health, whether it is intentional or unintentional; on the other hand, healthy sleep habits benefit all aspects of your health, from immunity to muscle recovery.

To ensure you're getting enough sleep, establish a peaceful bedtime routine, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, or take a sleep supplement. Cervalin,formulated from natural ingredients like melatonin and L-théanine, relaxes the brain, helps you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed!

A good tip for creating a peaceful bedtime routine: Use aromatherapy and diffuse a sleep-promoting essential oil before bedtime! We recommend Lavander, Sweet Dreams, ou Tender Embrace.


Healthy habits for a NEW Year !

You probably will have days when you fall off track or don't stick to your goals, no matter what they are. If you fall off, what matters is not how hard you fall off, but how quickly you get back on track. Take pride in your efforts and forgive yourself, and you'll be amazed at how your life can positively change.


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