Complete Detox to start the year 2022 well

In-depth detox: The plan of attack to eliminate toxins

Why a complete detox after the holidays? Because the holidays are always synonymous with excess!

Whether it is an excess of food, or an excess of toxins (alcohol, tobacco), fatigue, and stress, or a mixture of everything, you have upset your habits and your lifestyle.

This detox allows your body to find vitality and puts order in your organism in order to start the year on the right foot.

Rapha2000 + Chlorophyll + Cure 1 + Cure 2

The medicinal plants that make up Cure 1 and 2 have been carefully selected to activate the depurative power of the liver, the gall bladder, the kidneys and the intestines, allowing for a more thorough purification of the blood and lymph and the cleansing of the body.

Thanks to Rapha 2000, you can further eliminate all the harmful substances affecting the functions of the liver, which plays an extremely important role in the proper functioning of the human body.


Details of the detox

Duration : 28 days

Why 28 days?

The process of the Complete Detox may seem long. However, 28 days is the time needed for the body to regulate itself and eliminate all the accumulated excess.

Instructions and dosage:

Week 1

Morning : 1 vial Rapha2000

Noon : 1 tsp of Chlorophyll

Evening : 1 vial Cure 1 + 1 tsp Chlorophyll

Weeks 2-3-4

Morning : 1 vial Cure 2 + 1 vial Rapha 2000

Noon : 1 tsp Chlorophyll

Evening : 1 tsp Chlorophyll

Effects observed at the beginning of the detox

Reactions may vary depending on the person, his or her state of health and degree of intoxication.

  1. Urinating more frequently
  2. Different stools
  3. Bloating and flatulence
  4. Minor skin tingling
  5. Fatigue, headaches, heavy head, etc.

These symptoms should not worry you because they indicate that the process of eliminating excess, dead cells and toxins is underway!

10 tips to complete your post-holiday cleanse

  1. Eat at a moderate pace and do not skip meals
  2. Take your time to eat
  3. Fill up half your plate with dark colored foods (fresh fruits and vegetables)
  4. Limit fat, refined sugars and added salt as much as possible
  5. Do not snack
  6. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, etc.
  7. Consume 30g of fiber per day
  8. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily
  9. Move ! Any kind of excerise, even walking, is great daily
  10. Manage stress

Happy detoxing!


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