World Anxiety Awareness Day

Let's find natural practices and products to help us!

Why an anxiety awareness day?

Did you know that nearly 30% of the world's population will, at least once in their lifetime, be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder? Despite the fact that this problem affects a large part of the population and has become common, it is still very difficult for many to open up and talk about the impact that anxiety has on their lives. This is why June 10th has become World Anxiety Awareness Day! The ultimate goal of this day is to de-stigmatize anxiety and make treatment accessible to all people.

Whether it is generalized anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety, separation anxiety or specific phobias, and no matter how it manifests itself, there are solutions, practices and natural products that can help better manage these emotions.

Here are some of those solutions!


Mindfulness meditation

What is mindfulness meditation? The principle of this meditation is to concentrate fully on the present moment in order to be 100% aware of our thoughts, our emotions and our immediate environment. The best way to enter this serene state is to focus on the sensations captured by our 5 senses to stay in the present moment. The benefits of this practice are to refocus on ourselves while avoiding negative emotions from the past and anxieties related to the future.

The benefits of this meditation on us are multiple! It allows us to focus on our breathing, which reduces the stress signals sent to the body, helps us cope with stressful episodes in our daily lives, better control negative emotions, reduce physical symptoms related to stress (such as headaches, sleep disorders, etc.) and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease!

It is clear that mindfulness meditation can help the symptoms that are related to all types of anxiety and the benefits are invaluable! Why not combine this practice with aromatherapy for even more benefits?  


Aromatherapy is an approach to therapeutic care using the essence of plants. Oils can be used as decongestants or anti-infectives to fight many ailments, coughs, sinusitis and respiratory tract problems, or as antiseptics against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi; they have the property of triggering sensations, sometimes relaxing or sometimes stimulating at the psychological level, to promote relaxation, counter fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. In this article, we will discuss aromatherapy for the relief of anxiety.

To begin with, a diffuser is essential for meditation sessions in order to properly diffuse essential oils in the environment! Here are a few that are up to date. 



Oils that are known to help better manage anxiety include lavender and ylang ylang. Both of these oils have several benefits that are recognized and these have physiological effects that act as an anti-stress remedy, as well as helping to manage negative emotions such as impatience, irritability and even panic. If you are looking to try aromatherapy, there is a "Discovery" box that offers all the oils you need to get started!  



There are also "roll-on" applicators that allow you to offer the benefits of essential oils without the need to have all the equipment! Easy to carry, simply apply to the wrists, neck or temples for maximum relaxation. The Let It Go applicator is perfect to help relieve feelings of anxiety and stress!


 If you have more questions about what is aromatherapy and its benefits, consult the blog : : !

Anxiety disorders are very real and very real in our society, but there are solutions and hope to get rid of them once and for all! If you are looking for a solution that is as natural as aromatherapy, try our flagship product Cervalin day and night! Cervalin helps create a relaxed mental state without causing drowsiness and greatly aids in relaxation. A perfect product to help manage moments of stress and anxiety.


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