Back-to-school stress... and acne

What supplements should you focus on?

Since we're talking about back-to-school and how to deal with the stress that comes with it, it's only natural to talk about acne, which is often a result of high stress levels, especially in teens.

Whether it's a monthly breakout or more severe cystic acne, certain antioxidants and phytonutrients found in foods and supplements can have incredible benefits for skin health.

It has been shown that people with acne have significantly lower levels of zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E than those without acne. So including foods rich in these vitamins is a good idea to help manage acne levels.

Let's start with the foods

Vitamin A helps keep the immune system functioning properly, while also supporting vision and maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin A-rich: cheese, eggs, fatty fish, fortified low-fat spreads, milk and yogurt.

Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and boosts the body's natural defenses against disease and infection. Foods rich in vitamin E: plant oils, nuts and seeds, wheat germ.

Your skin needs zinc to function properly. It also helps decrease sebum production in the skin, and can protect against bacterial infections and inflammation. What foods are rich in zinc? beans, pumpkin seeds, cashews and chickpeas.

What about supplements ?


Available in powder or in capsules for women and Men, Maca has incredible benefits for helping to balance hormones and reduce levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol can cause imbalances in your sex hormones, which in turn affect acne. Incorporate maca into your routine to help manage stress levels and acne breakouts.


This superfood comes from lakes and ponds and has a pretty impressive nutritional profile. Spirulina contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium, and these hormone-balancing nutrients have been shown to reduce cramps, help balance mood and overall inflammation. Since acne is indeed an inflammation of the skin, incorporating spirulina into your daily routine can help calm your acne. Read this blog post "Tips from a Certified Health Coach" for a delicious and easy smoothie with Naturiste Spirulina! Available in powder and capsules.


Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and wound-healing properties, chlorophyll is an effective acne treatment tool. Chlorophyll is also a natural detoxifier for the system, so while it cleanses your body, it also helps cleanse your skin. To learn more about all the benefits of chlorophyll, check out this blog post titled "Have you heard of Chlorophyll? '' Available in liquid or capsules!!

What about natural skin care?

Facial Care Line

Formulated by Naturiste, this face-care line is 100% natural, 100% biogenic and bioactive and 100% organic. Throughout the creation process, the best and latest green technologies were used, with special attention to the supply chain and the environment. The ingredients used have gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure they are as natural as possible.

Naturiste's face care line was created around four main core concepts: smart, nature-friendly, body-friendly, high-performance products and products that offer an innovative experience. There's nothing better for your skin than using clean, natural products!

And the best part? All of these products are part of our MEGA PROMOTION!!

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