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Detox limo




1 cup of cabbage kale
12 cup of pineapple, cut into dice
2 yellow apples, with the pelure, cut roughly
1/2 lawyer
The supreme of a lemon
2 cups of vanilla soy milk



In a mixer, incorporate all ingredients and liquefi. Serve.


Good to know

- Cabbage: Rich in antioxidants and sulforaphan, cabbage is an excellent stimulant for the liver.

- Pineapple: Rich in vitamin C and manganese, pineapple is detoxifying and diuretic.

- The apple: Rich in fiber, the apple is perfect for regularizing the intestinal transit, in addition to containing flavonoids, it is an antioxidant. It is therefore excellent for eliminating free radicals (outdoor pollutants).

- The lawyer: Rich in antioxidants and food fibers, the lawyer is an ally for detoxification, in addition to providing you with a feeling of satiety.

- Lemon: Filled with phytochemical compounds like limonine and lemonene, it is excellent for liver detoxification.



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