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Stomach ulcer plagues our lives


Certain organs of the human body sometimes undergo deplorable treatment. Our bad lifestyle habits overwork these organs and cause serious damage over time. One of the most abused organs is certainly the stomach.

An abused organ: the stomach

The stomach is part of the digestive system. It is an organ that plays an essential role in the processing of food for absorption into the blood. This absorption nourishes the whole organism.

In principle, the stomach should receive food in an already almost liquid form. In fact, the digestive tract is equipped from the start with organs that can prepare food for its passage through the stomach. These organs are those of the mouth: the teeth and the salivary glands are directly involved in the first transformations of food. This first phase of digestion is important. The stomach has no teeth. He cannot crush food. It is up to the teeth to do this job. It is therefore necessary to chew the food well in order to swallow it in a form of porridge. The salivary glands, for their part, imbibe these foods. They thus facilitate their swallowing, at the same time as the enzymes present in the saliva make it possible to start the chemical phenomenon of digestion. These enzymes are especially useful in the digestion of starches.

The stomach, which receives the food, is then responsible for further digestion. To do this, it has two specific mechanisms. Thanks to its musculature, it thoroughly stirs food. It also has glands that line its interior walls. These glands secrete gastric juices which combine with food and chemically transform their components. This is how, for example, proteins are split into smaller elements to allow them to subsequently complete their digestion in the intestine.

Acidic secretions from the stomach

The digestion of certain food constituents takes place in a relatively acidic environment. Fortunately, the stomach wall is protected against this acidity by one of its secretions. Sometimes, however, this protection is insufficient and the acid secretions irritate the stomach lining. We then witness the phenomenon of heartburn and possibly ulcers.

The stomach is also subjected to other abuse. One of them is overeating. Overeating leads to stretching of the stomach pouch and lowering of the stomach. In such a situation, the digestive possibilities are greatly compromised.

Certain irritating or strongly spicy foods also damage the stomach. Alcohol and certain medications are other sources that damage the integrity of stomach tissue.